I love that I get your weekly newsletter sent to my work email because peace of mind takes practice, and these help with that a whole bunch

So glad I found SoCurious. It feels like your newsletter is straight after my heart. I love the freeform style your write your letters. So heartfelt, and they somehow feel so intimate.
 - Anangsha

Wow! This was a reminder I really needed today. Thanks, Justin. Your emails are always a welcome mid-week treat!

Fuck, Justin, this is so good!


Hey there! My name is Justin Shiels and I’m the founder of SoCurious. By day, I’m a Creative Director at a tech company in Austin. And my passion is using words and pictures to change the hearts and minds of people.

SoCurious started from my personal journey of self acceptance and deep self love. The purpose of this project is to translate the key learnings from therapy and self help books into practical wellness tips.