It's time for a reset if you're always tired
If you feel like your life is out of sync
or you've been living on autopilot
disconnected from your community
or wanting to establish new boundaries
and new goals.

Introducing the Reset Workbook, a fun interactive guide for setting and reaching your goals.

Here's how it works:

✅ You answer journaling prompts to get to know yourself better.

✅ Brainstorm potential goals.

✅ Set intentions so you can redesign your life

It's fun, it's simple, and it just might change your life.


“I've been using your Reset Workbook for the past few days and the prompts are really helping me to make this a regular habit (and it's fun to use so it's something I know I'll keep coming back to)!

Thank you for creating and sharing this ❤”


“Each day, I’ve learned something important about my thoughts, goals, patterns, and life.

The prompts helped me organize my thinking in productive ways and the journal's focus on solutions, problem solving, and positivity helped me keep from getting bogged down in negativity.”


What's inside

The Reset Workbook helps you navigate the most vital parts of your personal identity.

Design the path that you were truly made to take.

Mind: Learn how to guard your thoughts and treat yourself to the loving kindness you deserve.

Body: Discover how to think positively about your body and celebrate the beauty that you carry with you every single day.

Spirit: Go beyond the physical realm and dive deeper into your universal truths.

Work: Focus on finding a career that fulfills you and offers work/life balance.

Lifestyle: Explore your current choices and build rituals to help you design a life you love.

who is it for?

This workbook is a quick start guide to help you brainstorm your ideal life.

The Reset Workbook is for anyone that is passionate about taking the steps to define their vision and change their life.

Change is scary. Change is hard. Change can be confusing.
But that first step is the most important one. Are you ready to reset your life? 

about the author

By day, Justin Shiels is the Creative Director at a tech startup in Austin. On nights and weekends, he makes interesting things for the internet.

He developed The Reset Workbook to design the life that he wanted to live.

It was scary and hard and often times made him feel like a complete fraud. But he did it because it was the work he was supposed to be doing.

What big, scary thing should you be doing right now?

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