make a small investment
in building a more beautiful world

Launching the Curious Patreon is one of many steps to create a sustainable business model for the continued production of free content that resets mindsets and (hopefully) changes lives. 

I'm excited, nervous, happy, proud, and overwhelmed. But also I'm thankful.

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What is Patreon?
Patreon helps creators and artists earn a monthly income by providing rewards and perks to their subscribers.

Why are you starting a Patreon account?
Four years ago I posted my first inspirational message on Instagram. And over the past two years, I’ve sent out the Curious Tribe weekly email, a free pep talk designed to help people live happier, healthier lives.

This is my passion and a big part of my purpose and I will continue to do this work indefinitely. But there are a lot of costs tied to the creation of this content, like hosting, email marketing, advertising, and equipment.

More than that, I have big ambitions: to try new media, connect with more people, and hopefully build this into a larger platform that touches on more content topics like work, life and style. 

I’m starting a Patreon because I love this work and I want to see how big this idea can become.

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Why should I become a patron?
1. You’re a fan of the content that I produce.

2. You believe in the mission of Curious Tribe and want to sew seeds into the growth of this wellness media company.

3. You want early access and a behind the scenes look at new initiatives to come.

4. You want to be a vital part of the expansion of my vision.

5. You are a supporter of the arts in general and want to help amplify black voices.

What are the rewards?
When you support Curious Tribe on Patreon with a monthly donation of $5, $10, or $15, you receive access to behind the scenes content, a Patron-only newsletter, monthly video, and exclusive voting power for where the tribe is heading. 

All donation amounts get access to the same rewards because the true goal of support is to expand our mission and connect more people with more free content. That means the Facebook group, future podcast and hopefully a mini course will be totally free and available for the people that need it.

Support on Patreon

"We're kinda all just making it up as we go"

Like most creatives, Justin Shiels is multi-passionate and wears way too many hats. Creative director, writer, illustrator, graphic designer, big-picture-thinker, and thoughtful risk-taker.

Beyond trying to make a small dent in this beautiful world, he loves slowly sipping fancy cocktails that take more than ten minutes to create.